Pediatric Dentists

Our pediatric dentists trained at the nations best specialty programs for two years beyond dental school to understand the unique needs of infants and children as well as those with special needs.

This training, as well as our years of experience, allows us to better understand children and provide them with quality dental care in a caring and compassionate manner.


Dr. Deb Filocoma

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Filocoma completed her undergraduate studies at Fordham University in New York. After completing her undergraduate degree, she attended SUNY at Stony Brook, School of Dental Medicine, on Long Island, before specializing in pediatric dentistry at Boston Children’s Hospital and the Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

In fact, Dr. Filocoma and Dr. Wendell both trained together during their post-doctoral pediatric dental residency at Harvard and Children’s Hospital. They have been partners in their Portsmouth office since 1996.

Dr. Filocoma lives in southern New Hampshire with her family.

Dr. Jon Wendell

A native of New Hampshire, Dr. Wendell attended UNH before completing his dental school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. From there, he went on to specialize in pediatric dentistry at Boston Children’s Hospital / Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

Dr. Wendell lives on the seacoast in New Hampshire with his family.

Dr. Brian McGuire

Dr. Brian is originally from Illinois and attended college at UNC-Charlotte. He completed dental school at Southern Illinois University and then specialized in pediatric dentistry at The University of Oregon. He and his family reside on the seacoast.


Orthodontics / Braces

Just as there are specialists in medicine, there are specialists in dentistry. Orthodontists are dental specialists who dedicate their professional lives to correcting misaligned teeth and jaws. Orthodontists diagnose, treat and prevent dental and facial irregularities. They are uniquely trained to straighten teeth and align jaws.


Dr. Kathleen Labadie

Dr. Labadie is an experienced orthodontist who has joined our team in Plasitow.  She grew up in Ohio before moving East for college at Cornell.  From there, she went onto dental school at the University of Pittsburg and then specialized in Orthodontics at Tufts Dental School. 

As a specialist in Orthodontics, Dr. Labadie brings to our group practice the ability to provide comprehensive orthodontic care to children and adults. Equally as important, she is well versed on the most modern orthodontic approaches, including INVISALIGN clear braces.

When not being an orthodontist, she and her husband enjoy hiking and camping as well as the beaches (as there are none in Ohio).  She is also an avid reader and loves yoga and ice cream.